Our intention is to navigate our clients – first-time buyers, seasoned collectors, private individuals, families and corporations alike – through the complexities of the art market to a position of informed decision-making.

We are excited about helping new collectors to start on their journey as well as assisting seasoned collectors to find a rare masterpiece.


We offer our clients:

  • Art market surveys,
  • Art fair reviews,
  • Art market analysis, including particular artists of interest,
  • information guide about exhibitions taking place anywhere in the world


Our specific services:

  • ­Buying and selling advice.
  • Sourcing, negotiation and purchase of works.
  • Due diligence
  • Art market research and analysis, to support informed decisions
  • Carrying out private sales for works by renowned modern and contemporary artists.
  • Restoration, framing, hanging and lighting advice
  • We are successfully collaborating with architects and interior designers to refine your new home in perfect harmony.
  • Collection Advisory : new and established collectors, looking to build entire collections or to find rare works
  • Collection Management : founding, building, refining and curating collections
  • Logistical management: shipping, insurance, framing, hanging, conservation, storage, customs & export, restoration etc.


Our advisory service is charged on a tailor-made basis, ranging from a % of transaction or budget to a retainer basis, according to the client’s desires and needs.
We also offer our clients to become a permanent member of our Art Jed Club, where all these services are included and the fees are as a monthly or annual retainer.