Selected work
“The winter returns” 65,5 x 113 x 17 cm
 Coated white enamel iron, aluminium, glass,electronic components, antique Italian window.
Selected work
Selected work
Selected work
Selected work



Anotherview is an on-going art project that takes place in between interior design and video art. It consists in creating portable windows and doors with an integrated 24 hours video that transforms your home into a nomadic place. Each of these views has been captured by filming in 4K from a fixed point out of a window.
Having this window on your wall gives you a brief glimpse of being in another place in the world.
As Anotherview, they record views and install them in windows for people to experience it as their own views. Each view tells a unique story about our time, people, society and the world.
The whole idea to mix the frontiers between our present, past and future and an understanding that we are living in the world filled with incredibly beautiful places that are in danger of disappearing leaded us to this project: “Once we were there” – a collection of days, views, recorded from real places facing landscape or cityscapes that won’t last this century.

Each view will be connected to a phenomena that belongs to our contemporaneity: the rapid climatic change and the global warming that lead to the rising of the ocean level and bring the disappearing of some islands or the ice fields that are melting 100 times faster than at any other time in the past 3 centuries, the extreme urbanification of our cities, the endangering of animal species, the extinction of rural tribe communities and so on, the damages due to intensive agricultural activities.
A museum of what we lost, where the visitors are not asked about why these places vanished and why we are to blame for it, but they are only asked to experience a glimpse of it, a day facing their obvious and normal existence, that “Once was there”.

What this imaginary museum will show is how these places were when they were existing, giving us the feeling of being there, in a house facing a glacier, in a tent from where you could see the last Rhino of Namibia or in the last private house of a completely demolished neighbour in China.
Just one day to prove these places/animal species/ tribes were not legends of the past but an existing conglomerate of lives, experiences, emotions.
You can also order a completely tailor-made view of any place in the world you feel like. Anotherview collective will go, film it and install in your home.
Anotherview can be conveniently controlled using an App they provide for iOS and Android devices. Simply install it on your phone, enter in the unique window code once and from thereon change the time of day or synchronise your times.


List of Exhibitions that Anotherview Participated:

December 2017 – “On Top of the World” exhibition at ART JED Gallery, curated by Magdalena M. Gabriel, St. Moritz
October 2017 – Anotherview at PAD London (Rossana Orlandi gallery)
Septermber 2017 – Exhibition “Savoir Faire” during LDF at Sé, London
April 2017 – Salone del Mobile 2017, presenting Anotherview N.5: Carnival from PalazzettoPisani at Rossana orlandi Gallery, Milan
April 2017 – “Italian Affair” exhibition during Salone del Mobile 2017 curated by Carolina Pasti
April 2017 – “The Ghost Club” installation at OsteriadeiBinari during Salone del Mobile 2017, Milan
June 2016 – “ A warehouse full of Days” exhibition at Design Curio section Design Miami/Art Basel, Basel
April 2016 – Salone del Mobile 2016, presenting Anotherview N.2: The Upper East Side View at Rossana Orlandi gallery, Milan
April 2015 – Salone del Mobile 2015, Presenting Anotherview N.1: The Waterfront at Rossana Orlandi gallery, Milan