Selected work
The eyesight sculpture


Bartosz (Bart) Sucharski, born in 1977. A graduate of industrial design at the Koszalin University of Technology. DJ, animator of the club music scene in Poland, who has found his greatest passion in painting, sculpture, street art and poster art. In the process of creation he has also found himself.


The artist creating at the interface of forms, structures and domains. His works are often “extended towards the outside”, while escaping from a flat surface. Space allows him to play with chiaroscuro, whereas the natural deposits such as dust or fines offer additional structures. He values geometry but likes the air in the plastic arts as well.


He gets inspired by all the stimuli and impressions he experiences. A Polish poster school, nature, New York passers-by, “Master and Margaret.” Love. He closes them in a painted pictogram.


He feels his artistic world as isolated and more sensitive in a sense. For him the art brings together traumas and problems, but also the beauty and mysteries of human life, conceptualizing them, trying to give them a form, and sometimes even the sense itself.


The author of several thousand works, including functional works of art. His posters are known to all club music lovers in Poland, while the largest companies have been ordering design he created. Still, he has always wanted to go beyond the diagrams.