Selected work
Infinity drops | 2018, sumi, wash on French canvas, art studio,
Selected work
Henosis 11, 2018
Selected work
Chasen 4-2017, sumi, washi on american natura cotton canvas, art studio,
Selected work
Henosis 14 -2018, sumi on silk, art studio,



A motion – rich life (living on several continents changing home 13 times in 16 years), associated to a deep sense of contemplation, a practice of daily meditation and a fascination towards impermanence as well as a genuine curiosity for the Alterity have informed a singular artistic path. 

It is in Japan that – the 1974 born French female artist – Caroline Mollanger’s project crystalized: pass on the present moment and communicate what the Essence is. 

Starting a formal training on few fundamentals of Asian art (Sumi-e and Shodo), she gave her intuitive drive a newborn technical confidence. «I fully seized my Japanese years to absorb, with humility, techniques that combined my appetite for aesthetics with a form of physical investment and spirituality.”

A multidisciplinary young talent, engaging her body as much as her mind and spirit, the artist sensually experiments and explores different practices: painting exclusively with natural pigments, sculpture, installation, writing, photography and performance. Diverse and flexible in term of disciplines, her exploration remains aimed at grasping the impermanence of things, emotions, the never ending movement of Life, and Oneness.

Her mainly monochromatic and environmental friendly work today is a seamless and confident blend of her multiple lives and convictions. But mostly and above all, her art is an exclamation; a fine balance between controlled and uncontrolled gesture, breathing being the common denominator. 



December 2012: International Shodo Exhibition, Kobe, JP

2017: ACM, Saint Paul de Vence, FR

2018 : ACM, Saint Paul de Vence, FR

June-Sept 2018 : Biennale Internationale d’Art Contemporain 

Saint Paul de Vence, FR

August 2018 : Sackler, RCA, London, UK

August 2018: Johnson Gallery, London, UK