Selected work
LE BENITIER EGLISE SAINT-JEAN 119 x 150 cm Oil on canvas
Selected work
Selected work
WILD MAN 80 x 120 cm Oil on canvas


(Born on 02.12.1990 in Joigny, France)


2006: U.T.J, University for All of the Jovinian. Professor and friend Annie-Paule Thorel. Drawing and painting. Development of his approach and artistic research.

2011: Liceo Jacques Amyot, Establishment linked to art, Auxerre Literary BAC, special art and visual arts. History of art and artistic development.

2012: ESBAN, National School of Fine Arts of Nîmes. Art history and development of his artistic research, both pictorial and sculptural.

2013: E.D.A.A, School of Design and Applied Arts. Establishment for correspondence. History of design and development of his artistic research, both pictorial, photographic and sculptural and installation.

From 2011 to today: Affiliation to the Chamber of Artists. MDA number = P783171

2014: Residence Agua. Thalasso Serge Blanco, personal exhibition and performance at Thalasso Spa, Hendaye. Timeless meetings of the Peace March/Walking through the city of Joigny, installation and mediation to the public on the place Gabriel Cortel and the pedestrian street, for the 50th anniversary of the twinning between Joigny/Mayen collective exhibitions.

2005: French/German exchange. Castle of Gondi, Joigny/Mayen.

2006: UTJ. Castle Gondi, Joigny.

2011: ART’Soule Lounge. Young Talent Coup de Coeur, Tardets, Basque Country. ARTBUSTES Lounge. Young Talent, Mantes the Pretty. SNBA Lounge. Carrousel du Louvre, Paris.

2012: Green. Lorategi Gallery, Hendaye. Facade of 59 rue Rivoli. School of Art Award, Paris. Collection of artists. First edition, Cairanne.

2013: Leopard coffee. Paris. ART’HONNAY. Arthonnay, Yonne. Collection of artists. Second edition, Cairanne, Vaucluse.

2014: Collection of artists. Third edition, Cairanne, Vaucluse. Personal experiences.

2011: Fossils and moments present. Hôtel Mariott, First Solo exhibition during a private event organised by ATINIUM Paris, film interview, Juan les Pins.

2012: Spiral of life … Three-storey Circular Hall, unique in Europe, Ervy-Le-Châtel, AUBE

2013: YONO is transformed into a museum of contemporary art. YONO-Paris, Live Performance Painting, Marais, Paris. The Basque Country seen by a stranger! Galerie LORATEGI, Interview with TeleDonostie Spain, Hendaye.

2015: Castle Gondi, Joigny

2017: Cultural space, Frejus publications. Imagin’art 2010. Virtual magazine and Belgian paper. The blue and its powers 2011. Series of projects 50x65cm on paper. I put my window down! 2013. Series of photo editing 2012-2013

Midi in France 2014

Television documentary around Vaucluse

France 3 Alps 2014

Interview for the opening of the Workshop during MAPRA,


ART’Soule Award

Canson Award The Artists Tribe Awards


SNBA Award (Special National Society of Fine Arts, Carrousel du Louvre